The CacaoCookie™

This delicious extreme dark chocolate treat is meant for serious chocolate lovers. We have ground organic cacao nibs with coconut sugar to create a crunchy dark chocolate cookie, which is then dipped in a smooth 71% organic and Fair Trade chocolate. It satisfies the craving for a crunchy cookie, without all the added carbohydrates, sugar and gluten.

The ‘original’ CacaoCookie™ is all natural and made with NO eggs, flour, dairy or soy lecithin, and it includes no refined sugar.

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From Nib to Cookie…

This new and unique signature product by Ultimately Chocolate was born of an appreciation for bean-to-bar chocolate making. Lisabeth (Ultimately Chocolate’s owner) has been dabbling in craft chocolate using coffee grinders and blenders for the last few years. She even gives workshops on the subject. One day, she took her ground cacao (also called ‘cocoa’) beans out of the blender a little too soon, pressed them into cupcake molds and voila! the CacaoCookie™ was born.

Now Lisabeth regularly grinds organic cacao nibs to create all sorts of crumbly sensations. Ask us about the Espresso CacaoCookie™, the Organic Milk Chocolate-Dipped CacaoCookie™, and our ‘Semi-Sweet Treat’ cookies.

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