The chocolate TOFFLE™ is a completely new way to enjoy fine organic chocolate. Its unique ‘bonbon’ shape means you can eat it in two delicious parts: first bite off the ends and enjoy the chewy dark chocolate toffee. Then, as you reach the centre of the TOFFLE ™, you are greeted with the smooth and sweet sensation of milk chocolate truffle. It satisfies your cravings for sweet and bitter, and chewy and smooth all at once!

Our health and the environment is important to us, which is why the chocolate TOFFLE ™ is made with Cocoa Camino chocolate that is certified organic and fair trade. It is also packaged in eye-catching boxes that are re-usable and made from bio-degradable and recycled materials.

The Chocolate TOFFLE ™ is preservative free and should be enjoyed as soon as possible (within two weeks of shipping date). Please be sure to check the expiry date on the box.

Order online or check our retailers section to find out where the chocolate TOFFLE ™ is sold near you! Contact us about group & wedding pricing discounts for your upcoming event.


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